FISCUS Multifinance System

FISCUS Multifinance System is a specialized system designed to support the credit application processing needs of multifinance companies, banks, and other financial institutions. The FISCUS Multifinance System process encompasses key steps, starting from processing potential consumers or prospects, initial scoring involving internal checks and external integrations such as SLIK checks, to survey or appraisal processes ensuring the completeness of consumer data. With a focus on security and speed, our company offers a comprehensive solution to support the growth and sustainability of your financial business.

Our Company provides an integrated and efficient solution. We offer ready-to-use Loan Origination System product services as well as customized Loan Origination System development services tailored to the client's needs. Our Loan Origination System excels in its ability to integrate with other systems in the company, such as Accounting Management, Funding Management, OJK Reporting such as SLIK, SILARAS and more. FISCUS Multifinance System Is one of the integrated module from FISCUS, with a focus on security and speed, our company offers a comprehensive solution to support the growth and sustainability of your financial business

FISCUS Multifinance Advantage

FISCUS Multifinance System has several advantages that can provide added value to companies or financial institutions. Here are some of the advantages of FISCUS Multifinance System :

  1. Integration with API System – Multi Platform
  2. Automated Loan Application Process – Reduce Load
  3. Advanced Analytics – Decision Assist
  4. Mobile Accessibility – Cross Platform
  5. Performance Monitoring – Management Assist
  6. Speed and Efficiency – improve Satisfaction

FISCUS Loan Origination System Process

Allow borrowers to submit loan applications through a user-friendly online form, providing necessary information such as personal details, business information, and loan amount requested

FISCUS Loan Origination System Feature

Integrate a credit scoring system to evaluate the creditworthiness of the applicant. The system should automatically assess eligibility based on predefined criteria and provide instant feedback.

Credit Scoring

Assessment and scoring of the creditworthiness of loan applicants to determine risk levels.

User Management

A user can be assigned to one or more groups such as Branch and any hierarchy in company

Web-Based System

Has simple and low maintenance system, cross platform and 24-7 avalibilty

Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting features to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyze loan portfolio performance.